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Diamond Tools, Solid Carbide Tools, Automation, PCD, CBN, CVD, Neher

Automation, PCD, CBN, CVD, Diamond Tools, Solid Carbide Tools

Neher Group manufactures PCD, CVD, CBN and solid carbide precision tools. Neher Group offer automation solutions and optimization of work processes.

Neher - Automation, Precision Tools, Future Tools

Products of Neher Group are cutter, drill, reamer, chip breakers, drilling rods, leak test, conveyor, hoists, laser and laser marking systems

Diamond Tools, Solid Carbide Tools. Automation

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Neher Group Tools and Automation

Solid Carbide Tools and Diamond Tools are good

Neher Group manufactures PCD, CBN, CVD or solid carbide precision tools. Neher Group is a tool manufacturer and Neher create Automation solutions.

Neher Präzisionswerkzeuge, Automation, Future Tools

The Future is CVD, PCD, CBN and Solid Carbid Tools of the manufacturer Neher. Neher designs Tools and Automation solutions.

Neher - Precision, Future, Automation

Neher Automation offers its customers uncomplicated automation solutions and optimization of ther work processes.

precision future

Products of Neher Group are drills, cutters, reamers, chip breakers, drilling rods, leak test, conveyor, hoists, laser and laser marking systems

To Automation Neher Group Automation

Neher Präzisionswerkzeuge Neher Präzisionswerkzeuge.
Neher CVD Neher CVD.
Neher AutomationNeher Automation.

Manufacterer Neher

Neher Group is an high quality manufacterer of Diamond and Solid Carbide Tools. Neher manufactures CBN, CVD or PCD. Neher mades Automatik Solutions and optimization the work processes.

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From three into one

If a machine need three steps to make a tool, Neher will design one tool that make this three steps in one step. So your costs will go down to make three steps in one.

Neher Präzisionswerkzeuge are Neher Präzisionswerkzeuge.
Neher CVD are Neher CVD.
Neher CBN are Neher CBN.
Neher MDI are Neher MDI.
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Grinding and regrinding

If the utensili pcd to lose focus, there is a possibility for regrinding as service. We grind the PCD segments, so that they are sharp again and can be used for further machining. When regrinding, the edge is sharp again, whereby the processing of the material is again faster. After regrinding or grinding of utensili pcd is an inexpensive way to achieve a sharp cutting edge again. As a fabbricante of boring utensili, drills, mills, face mills, circular thread cutters and combi utensili can be recommendedto grind or regrind them after a time, to a sharp cutting edge to regain. If the grinding or regrinding is no longer possible due to the low decreasing dimensions, then the tool with new segments can be restocked. So therefore performed a re-tipping. utensili pcd, as boring utensili, drills, mills, face mills, circular thread cutters and combi utensili offered by the fabbricante for re-equipping or for regrinding as well as for grinding.

Tool fabbricante with policristallino diamantes

The Neher Group is a leading tool fabbricantes because it produces precision utensili such as utensili pcd. As have the property of a fabbricante of special utensili must be highly accurate, our company is always on the cutting edge of technology.In order for these utensili are addressed directly to the customer's requirements, we have a tool fabbricante for special utensili. To guarantee a long service life, we equip our utensili with polycrystalline diamante. This utensili pcd are used in all areas and at a higher service life for an opportunity, since the wear is lower than with carbide utensili. Also this is the cheaper option, because after the wear of the cutting edge, regrinding, thus grinding the segments is possible. If this possibility is exhausted the utensili pcd can be re-equipped with new segments - a re-tipping. In the event that a segment in use a fraction, an outbreak, as suffered by a shock or falling, so this segment can be restocked. In comparison, this is not possible with carbide utensili.

Chip space and cutting

Through years of experience in the production of utensili pcd, the chip space for cutting can be optimally designed. In the construction of the tool is taken that can be operated at high cutting speeds. This has the advantage that time and money is saved. As an munufacturer of utensili pcd with internal cooling we are familiar with the latest technology.

Production of profile

Not only drill, but also cutters are made.With these utensili pcd can cuttet differntly profiles. Since the special tool is made exactly according to the profile shape, the profile can be created in a web. Thus costs and time can be saved in the production of the profiles. Even when dealing with a motor, the edge profile can manufacture with utensili pcd. These utensili can also be prepared with solid carbide body to obtain a better rigidity.

Germany, Austria, Switzerland

The production is in Germany, and we ship worldwide. In neighboring countries such as Austria and Switzerland, we are also strongly represented.Asia and Europe is supplied, as the countries Italy and Turkey. Other market destinations are France, Spain, Portugal, England, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands. We supply the utensili pcd from around the world.

utensili pcd such as drills and milling cutters

Drills and routers as core drills, circular cutter, face milling cutters and combi utensili are manufactured by us.We are a fabbricante of composite utensili and boring utensili. Also we are a producer of face milling cutters and circular milling tool.The is also available with internal cooling.

Repair of utensili pcd

If after long-term use thePCD cut become dull,can be sharpened or replaced again. Also, the basic body can be fixed in many cases.