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Manufacturer of CBN tools - cubic boron nitride tools

CBN tool munufacturer - with HSK

The CBN, cubic boron nitride tools, that the Neher Group manufactures are circular milling tools and face milling tools, drills, boring, retreat boring tools, combine tools, counterbore tools, chose engravers, chip breakers, indexable inserts, reamer.

Munufacturer of CBN, cubic boron nitride tools - with HSK

A CBN tool is stocked with a cubic boron nitride and Neher Group manufactures this. Mostly they will create with a HSK, that means hollow shank cone. The HSK socket is standardized as hollow shank cone.

CBN spezial tools

CBN tools, that developed for unique inserts are spezial tools. That will be used in the aviation, aeronautics, space travel, space flight, astronautics, shipping and navigation. Often the CBN tools will be used in the automotive industry.

CBN milling tools

CBN milling tools are munufactured as circular milling tools and face milling tools. The circular and face milling tools are used at the chipping processing of workpieces. In the metal industry the use of this face and circular milling tools are very important and it can not do without them.

CBN boring - internal cooling

CBN boring are the top group of the CBN retreat boring tools. CBN boring are all the times need in the industry. They are stocked with cubic boron nitride.

counterbore, chose engravers, chip breakers, indexable inserts, reamer

combine, counterbore, chose engravers, chip breakers, indexable inserts, reamer are in category themselves. The tools are stocked with cubic boron nitrides and so they are CBN diamond tools.

combine tools

The combine tools are designed with a lot of single tools. With this combination the spezial tools can do a lot of positions in one step. Thereby it can save a lot of costs and time. The combine tools are used at workpieces, that have differently diameters in different steps. If the workpieces has bevels or notches, the combine tools can also do it in this one step. This creates a high repeatability when manufacturing of the final product.

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Industrystock with CBN tools is Neher Group with CBN tools at Industrystock.

CBN Werkzeuge - tools with cubic boron nitride

Tools will be stocked with cubic boron nitride,

that can manufacture a CBN tools

The tools have a basic body and CBN segments. It is not possible to work without the tools, because the materials constantly will get more resistant.

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Neher Präzisionswerkzeuge are Neher Präzisionswerkzeuge.
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Neher Automation is Neher Automation.
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CVD thick film diamond tools
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Manufacturer of CBN tools with cubic boron nitride

CBN tools are stocked with cubic boron nitride. Since the materials to be processed are always resistant, should no longer dispense with the use of these diamond tools. The segments can regrinding after the wear of the diamond. If after the regrinding the diameter or the length is too short, a retipping is possible. With this process costs are save, because the basic body can still use and does not manufacture new. In a long time it is the cheapest solution opposite to use a tool with soft materials.

retreat boring, drills, circular milling tools, face milling tools

Boring, drills and milling tools are very important at the processing of high unit numbers. The retreat boring, circular milling tools, face milling tools are also useing for easy processing materials like aluminium. They are very important for the chipping work. Also they have a long lifetime because of the diamond. They do it better like faster and cheaper of a long time.

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The reach of the Neher Group

The company has started as a CBN tool manufacturer in Baden-Württemberg and delivered rapidly throughout Germany. Almost the same time, as the supply in Europe has begun, now adds the Neher Group of companies around the world. Countries that have already been delivered are, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Hungary and many more. Continents are already delivered Europe, America, Asia, and Australia. The steady growth of the company we want to deliver in the future on the other continents. These include Africa.

CBN - manufacturer of boring drills - manufacturer of milling tools

The circular and the face milling tools are produced in Germany like made in Germany. Also the retreat boring and combine tools are manufactured in Germany like made in Germany. But the delivery is worldwide. The special tools are stocked with cubic boron nitride and among the diamond tools. There are spezial milling tools and spezial boring.

Tool manufacturer with HSK

As a tool manufacturer is the Neher Group a manufacturer of CBN tools, the cubic boron nitride tools with HSK, the spezial tools for a precise use manufactured. The boring, drills and combine tools as well as the circular and face milling tools are at the spezial tools on the highest position.

CBN boring and milling tools manufacturer with internal cooling

CBN boring and CBN milling tools are munfucture with the best precision. The design begin in the design bureau and will produce exactly to the drawing. To a super quality evidence is measured each tool. Particularly in the milling tools and the drills we have a lot of experience and are constantly striving to improve. Da wir Sonderwerkzeuge hestellen, bitten wir um Kontaktaufnahme mit uns, wenn ein Sonderwerkzeug speziell für Ihren Einsatz entworfen werden soll. Die Neher Group hat Fräser wie Zirkularfräser oder Planfräser. Diese Planfräser und Zirkularfräser sind in der heutigen Metallindustrie unverzichtbar geworden. Mit Bohrer werden Bautaule aufgebohrt und sie sind somit Aufbohrwerkzeuge. Es gibt auch Kombiwerkzeuge als Aufbohrwerkzeuge. Die Kombiwerkzeuge zählen mit unter zu den Bohrer. Kombiwerkzeuge sind ebenfalls Sonderwerkzeuge und sie sind Diamantwerkzeuge. Fassungen wie den Hohlschaftkegel, abgekürzt als HSK, bieten wir ebenso an. Mit der Minimalmengenschmierung und Innenkühlung haben wir viel Erfahrung. Diese werden auch als ZIK, IK und MMS abgekürzt.

The constant upgrading of the equipment we are always on the current state of the art. Also due to the investment in new machinery, we prefer the very latest and best technology, so that the final product is accurate as it is technically possible. Useful are the products on the manufacturing machines, which can be found in production lines. In mass production, the machines are often need to work positions, the insert and edit the workers by hand. The long shelf life, the machine must not be constantly upgraded, so therefore cost and time can be saved. This advantage is very much resorted back to our final product.

Grinding and regrinding

If the CBN tools to lose focus, there is a possibility for regrinding as service. We grind the CBN segments, so that they are sharp again and can be used for further machining. When regrinding, the edge is sharp again, whereby the processing of the material is again faster. After regrinding or grinding of CBN tools is an inexpensive way to achieve a sharp cutting edge again. As a manufacturer of boring tools, drills, mills, face mills, circular thread cutters and combi tools can be recommendedto grind or regrind them after a time, to a sharp cutting edge to regain. If the grinding or regrinding is no longer possible due to the low decreasing dimensions, then the tool with new segments can be restocked. So therefore performed a re-tipping. CBN tools, as boring tools, drills, mills, face mills, circular thread cutters and combi tools offered by the manufacturer for re-equipping or for regrinding as well as for grinding.

Tool manufacturer with cubic boron nitrides

The Neher Group is a leading tool manufacturers because it produces precision tools such as CBN tools. As have the property of a manufacturer of special tools must be highly accurate, our company is always on the cutting edge of technology.In order for these tools are addressed directly to the customer's requirements, we have a tool manufacturer for special tools. To guarantee a long service life, we equip our tools with polycrystalline diamond. This CBN tools are used in all areas and at a higher service life for an opportunity, since the wear is lower than with carbide tools. Also this is the cheaper option, because after the wear of the cutting edge, regrinding, thus grinding the segments is possible. If this possibility is exhausted the CBN tools can be re-equipped with new segments - a re-tipping. In the event that a segment in use a fraction, an outbreak, as suffered by a shock or falling, so this segment can be restocked. In comparison, this is not possible with carbide tools.

Chip space and cutting

Through years of experience in the production of CBN tools, the chip space for cutting can be optimally designed. In the construction of the tool is taken that can be operated at high cutting speeds. This has the advantage that time and money is saved. As an munufacturer of CBN tools with internal cooling we are familiar with the latest technology.

Production of profile

Not only drill, but also cutters are made.With these CBN tools can cuttet differntly profiles. Since the special tool is made exactly according to the profile shape, the profile can be created in a web. Thus costs and time can be saved in the production of the profiles. Even when dealing with a motor, the edge profile can manufacture with CBN tools. These tools can also be prepared with solid carbide body to obtain a better rigidity.

Germany, Austria, Switzerland

The production is in Germany, and we ship worldwide. In neighboring countries such as Austria and Switzerland, we are also strongly represented.Asia and Europe is supplied, as the countries Italy and Turkey. Other market destinations are France, Spain, Portugal, England, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands. We supply the CBN tools from around the world.

CBN tools such as drills and milling cutters

Drills and routers as core drills, circular cutter, face milling cutters and combi tools are manufactured by us.We are a manufacturer of composite tools and boring tools. Also we are a producer of face milling cutters and circular milling tool.The is also available with internal cooling.

Repair of CBN tools

If after long-term use theCBN cut become dull,can be sharpened or replaced again. Also, the basic body can be fixed in many cases.

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